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How to get your motivation back 0

How to Get Your Motivation Back

Once you find a goal, you get that boost of excitement. 🤩 Out of a sudden you turn into a workaholic. You advance. Slowly but surely. Some people encourage you. Some don’t. You’re satisfied… until...


Productivity – What, when, how?

Do you have any tips to start being productive? That is a question I received on We Heart It.  Firstly, I felt flattered that someone asked me that. 🌟 Secondly, …whoa, where do I begin?😂...


GirlBoss Etiquette

I am fascinated by beautiful, intelligent, strong girls/young ladies who rule the world with their style. I could never get enough of their articles, their videos and their visions!✨ Of course every girl is...


Boost your motivation

You wake up one day. And that’s it – you know perfectly what you’re supposed to do, whether that’s learning a foreign language or getting a skill you’ve always found interesting. You keep up...

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